4 Things You Need To Create Your Website

There are a couple of things you need to have before creating your website. We will list down the things you need to prepare before creating your website.

1. Domain

A domain is an address you type in your browser to access your website. The price of a domain can vary depending on the readability, number of characters, popularity, and some other factors. Some might even cost millions of dollars.

If you want to know how much your ideal domain can cost. You can search for it here Namecheap.


  • Try to select a domain that is easy to remember and spell out.
  • Choose a .com domain if possible.
  • Unless your brand is already established, try not to misspell your domain.

2. Hosting Server

The hosting server is the house of your website. Depending on your website provider it can be in the cloud, on-premise, or shared servers.

If your website is built in umbraco.com, wordpress.com, wix.com, squarespace.com, or shopify.com your hosting server might be already included in your plan.

How much you’ll spend on web hosting?

Depends on the kind of plan you’re seeking. Shared web hosting, for example, tends to be more affordable than most other forms. Meanwhile, it typically offers a smaller range of customization options and may not be able to sustain performance for high-traffic websites.

For further reading, you can go to https://digital.com/best-web-hosting/how-much-does-it-cost-to-host-a-website/

3. Content

Websites nowadays are mostly driven by images and videos. So in order to establish your brand you need to provide your unique content to your website. These include images, videos, articles, pages, sitemaps, and links.

4. CMS - Content Management System

Unless you know HTML and CSS it will be hard for you to edit the content on your website. CMS solves this by providing you with a platform where you can change your website's images, videos, phrases, and posts and create new pages on the fly.

Here in Block77, we make sure that each component in your website can be modified through your CMS. We specialize in creating websites with Umbraco CMS.

If you want to know more. Feel free to send us a message.

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