Why Do You Need a Website

Why You Need To have a Website for your business

The modern era is the technical era. It is the era where everyone has a mobile in pocket. Half of the world population is using social networking sites like facebook, twitter. Now the time changed when people go to shopping with a wallet full with notes. No, it’s all out of fashion.

Now, people use credit cards, debit cards for shopping. As there is less risk in carrying debit card instead of hard cash. And also the companies provide the clients points or gifts in return. Also the craze of net-banking is increasing. Sometimes latter, people hesitate in using net banking but now net banking is also in famous. Customers now don’t have time to go to a shopkeeper with a list of items in hand and they don’t even have time for it. Now it is the time of e-commerce, where customers like to search all the items he/she wanted on internet. Internet provides them facility to compare the price of various products and compare the pricing at various shops without any headache. Even businessmen can deliver those best offers on internet. At present time small businessmen are facing direct competition from giant malls and shopping center. They provide the customer facilities like home delivery, special offers, technical support, guaranteed products and a very good shopping experience. In order to compete with these giants small businessmen need to pull up their socks and also need to do what clients like. Hey, but wait a small businessmen don’t have much money to invest or don’t have a team of workers to fight with this giants.

This is where the concept of websites get introduced. The best way to enhance your business almost at a no limit level is provided by the websites. Want to know how? Just go through the following points.

1. Marketing – Marketing is the main weapon used to enhance a business. Companies spent even millions in marketing their products. It is well said quote “What you see is what you get” And it is 100 % true. But a small businessman neither has enough money to invest for marketing nor have any team to look for marketing purpose. But by generating a website you can do marketing of your products without a very high investment. You can also use Blogs and Social Media for marketing as they are almost free.

2. Brand Image – It is a very similar concept to marketing. Everyone wanted the product they are using to be branded. And the company having a renown Brand name can sale product at any rate. But the most important thing about branding is not this one. The most important reason why people like brands is Trust which is associated with this company brands. A Small businessmen can’t establish a worldwide brand but by the help of his website he can establish his brand in that particular city.

3. Reach the Unreachable – If you are having any business in a particular area of a city, Then you may be famous in that area or may be in the whole city. But still you can’t extend your business to that area where your business is not present. But by the help of websites your business can become omnipresent. And you can increase your sales to a very high level.

4. Feedback – When a client came to your shop you never ask for a feedback. And if you ask client will definitely provide you a positive feedback. But in case of ecommerce you will also find some negative feedbacks which will help you to ameliorate yourself. And you can analysis your business through them in order to increase your efficiency. You can also showcase the positive feedback of your clients to attract more customers.

5. Window shopping – Clients love to do window shopping, it’s their habit to compare rates of various products at various shops, and websites help them to do this in a better way. By the help of your website you can provide special offers and schemes directly to your customers and then they will have a reason to purchase products from your shop.

6. Database – By the help of websites you can save clients important contact information like contact no., email id, address. This will help you to create a database of your clients and by the help of which you can get connected to them.

7. Contact sharing – Gone are the days when customers search the contacts of a businessmen via telephone directories or visiting cards. Now, they just google it. For ex – If I want to know about the best hospital hall in the city , what I will do ? I will just start the internet on my mobile, google the information and go to the website of my interest from where I will extract all the contact details of that particular hospital.

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